The happy dream

Every morning and every moment we have the chance to choose what we would experience: happiness or sorrow. But one me must choose and experience the consequences. It is up to us to reflect on the emotions and events we would love and not allow fear to enter.

When we are fearful we have chosen against God. All we need to do is recognize the unwanted feeling and realize that we took the wrong turn. After this we are restored to paradise and free to dream the happy dream once again.

But when we hold on to the negative emotion/thought and refuse to let go it is because we wish that we are right and God wrong. In this state you cannot dream the happy dream/reflect on the positive emotions and events you would love to experience, because you have already mad your choice in the opposite direction. Remember that you are so free you can choose bondage.

Rest then in knowing that God is for His creation, for you, and that He created heaven through our combined will.

Present prize

This image reminded me of a talk by Allan Watts. He discussed an imaginary dashboard with¬† lots of buttons. Each time he would press a button his mind transported him to a different outcome of his life. Among all the buttons was a big, red one marked “PRIZE”. And when he pressed it he landed in the present.

The time-space where we find ourselves is our stage and it is up to us to bring to it what we would like to see.

“Satan” not real

Unity and separation. In the Mind of God we are God’s family, whole and connected. Each part of creation is required to reflect God. Each part is like God in quality but not in quantity.

The physical world is based on the idea of separation.¬†There are two images, God and mortal man. Separation looks at the image of mortal man and gives it its own physical rules of mortality (sickness, disease and death) and imagines that this can challenge the harmonious rule of The Eternal. Here we think it possible to see guilt or sickness in our brother apart from ourselves. Yet based on the first paragraph this is not so. Everything being united in the Mind of God it is not possible to separate what you perceive from how you perceive yourself., i.e. you cannot believe in your brothers’ sickness while maintaining your own health.

Thoughts, just like objects and bodies are neutral. “Nothing is good or bad but for the mind that thinks it so,” says Shakespeare. Viewing the world in this way washes everything clean and gives it new beginning. Nothing has an effect apart from what we wish. And no thought can harm you when you realize that you are an extension of the Mind of God. God’s Mind is harmonious and likewise is our own. The illusions of fear and sorrow in our minds could not be real if God is real.

The effects of sickness and sin can only be real to the extent to which we believe in it. Sickness and sin is not allied to life, truth and love. There is only love and the cry for love. There is error and correction, but no guilt and condemnation.

In Brandon Bayson’s book “The Journey” she helps people heal from various diseases, including cancer, by forgiveness – releasing old emotions. One example was a man that had lung cancer. He did the emotional work and discovered that he held hatred towards the Nazis for killing his mother when he was a boy. During the meditation he realized that the soldiers responsible were also afraid and acting under pressure. This allowed him to forgive them.

From her stories we glimpse the idea of connectedness – one man’s healing connected to him understanding his brothers’ error and perceiving his brothers as guiltless.

Life is a reflection of yourself. What you see in what you value, whether it be joy or sorrow. How do you know if you are on the path to heaven or to hell? Look and see if there is peace in your awareness. Value then correctly and allow truth to be true. And bring with you only memories of love and joy.

The above thoughts are mostly inspired by two books: Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”, as well as “A Course in Miracles”.