Born Separate

Birthed into the illusion of separation
Evidently disconnected forms
I hide my fear behind these images
Unable to find its cause

A victim of external circumstances
Mentally deranged
Forgotten source that brought this forth
I’ll blame them instead

In the dimness glimmered truth
An Ego inspired matrix
Where the cause of suffering seems aloof

Look inside
Heart and mind
And discover the root

A currency poorly spent
Misplaced attention on things unwanted
The inner-movie enacted by outer events

Cured of misconception
Forgiveness the lifeline of a fool
Who projected his self-affliction
No longer powerless to overrule

Ego images

Thoughts and the objects of the physical world are both senses. They are different phases of mortal mind/ego. The mortal mind is the image maker who created the illusion of separation from God/Oneness through the images of this world, with all its forms seemingly detached from one another.

God has no perception to give rise to physical senses. Perception dictates experience because what you believe (thoughts) you perceive in the forms of this world. God is knowledge.

Forgiveness is the only perception that leads the way out of perception to knowledge by letting go of negative perceptions.

What we are left with are perceptions (memories, ideas, thoughts) that reflect happiness/Love of God.