Music Rhythm Mind

During some of the more challenging times in my life music stood out as something that made sense. Why? Well let’s see. 
Negativity at it’s core is to get stuck on an idea/emotion, to lose that flow. Music has rhythm and flow, movement. Going through a challenging time and then letting it go by tuning yourself into the rhythm of the music is bound to serve as a refreshing contrast. 
Yet this flow isn’t dependent upon music. Prayer/meditation is also flow. That’s essentially one way of utilising it: praying is the use of words to comfort yourself in order to become un-stuck, to reintroduce rhythm.
There are many instruments to play with to maintain our individual harmonic rhythm. Think of anything you do that you enjoy, that you like spending time on and focusing on. 
Maintain flow. Dance to your inner rhythm. Actively manage your self-talk. Detach when you find yourself focusing on an internal or external negative. Manage. Think. Listen to the internal/external dialogue. And as soon as you catch the problem switch to the feeling of the solution. Although you might not know the exact steps at that time, if you maintain the feeling of the solution long enough the right ideas will come forth from that. Do it with yourself, do it on behalf of other people without necessarily telling them. Your thoughts can reach them. 
Check yourself before falling asleep. Is there anything that got stuck which you didn’t let go of during the day? Sometimes it’s enough just to notice the unwanted thought and spontaneously letting it go by carrying on with the moment. Other times we need to talk ourselves through it or maybe even chat with a friend. 

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