Positive Focus

It’s about focus. Focusing without negative emotion, call it “resistance”. Positive focus. Like laughing is a form of positive tension through focus. Everything is mental focus, for example contracting a muscle. So there is positive and negative focus and these can be distinguished by how they feel to us, emotionally. Interesting to note that laughing, deep breathing, smiling, exercising, reading, all of which have positive effects on the biology, they all have something in common – positive tension through mental focus. Laughing and breathing is tension in the diaphragm as well as other muscles, smiling uses facial muscles… positive tension or positive focus.

People like focusing – Doing work or activities they enjoy. But focus can also be directed to thoughts and emotions instead of on the body or environment. There is something called “flow experiences”. And these are created by focus which then flows from one thing to the next. Sometimes focus is general and sometimes more specific. Take for example the difference in sitting on a chair with proper posture, muscles engaged versus laying on your bed with no muscle tension or focus. We are much more likely to fall asleep in the latter scenario.

Relaxing or being refreshed isn’t all about doing nothing. Positive focus is refreshing and healthy as well. So we can meditate and focus on sensations, or we can become more specific and think about our pet and why we love them. General to specific.

The Institute of Heartmath says we can experience greater synchronicity by taking moments throughout the day, wherever we are, to breath slightly deeper than usual and imaging maybe breathing positivity through the heart/chest area or thinking of someone or something we really appreciate. Positive focus. I have experienced greater flow from one activity to the next by doing simple things such as these. And in the end it brings greater clarity, happiness and a sense of meaning when we are positively engaged.

Youtuber “RedDeltaProject” has an awesome video on the 5 benefits of muscle tension/focus. Abraham Hicks talks a lot on the subject of appreciative/positive focus and aligning with your inner being. The Institute of Heartmath uses technology to monitor heart rhythms to demonstrate greater flow states. It’s all there to investigate, and most of all, to experience.

So next time instead of allowing your mind to wander and imagine negative stories, become aware of it, detach from the negative emotion, and choose an easier, more general positive focus. No use in fighting against your negative imagination, just let it go and something better will appear while you hold yourself in an comfortable positive mind. You can question the negative story and expose the folly/unreality of its origin. But don’t linger on the problem. Use your mind to ease it. Let’s say a someone drove in before you in traffic. You might get angry. Notice. Detach. Be aware of how you are reacting, and maybe your urge to blame them. If you detach and stay positively focused long enough new ideas will arise that will ease your mind such as: I am safe and so are they. They are acting according to their best at this moment. I don’t know the reason for them acting this way and it has nothing to do with me. I wish them well. This was only a reflection of them, but how I react will reflect me. I am part of this experience. No one is doing anything to me, life is merely giving me what I think and believe. And the only way to break negative cycles is to notice the cycle and then react differently. I am not a victim.

Don’t judge yourself for how how you react, for how positive you stay. Just keep doing your best.

Another example: maybe you have an important decision to make. Thinking in the line of “What should I do. How is this going to turn out. This is the pros and cons”. This type of thinking will get you stuck. Focus on your question and then let it be. Know the answer will present itself and that you cannot miss it. Maybe the answer comes immediately or maybe hours or days later. It doesn’t matter. Being in positively focused keeps us open to receive answers and guidance. Haven’t you had answers or ideas “randomly” pop into your mind while you were busy with something totally unrelated.

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