Born Separate

Birthed into the illusion of separation
Evidently disconnected forms
I hide my fear behind these images
Unable to find its cause

A victim of external circumstances
Mentally deranged
Forgotten source that brought this forth
I’ll blame them instead

In the dimness glimmered truth
An Ego inspired matrix
Where the cause of suffering seems aloof

Look inside
Heart and mind
And discover the root

A currency poorly spent
Misplaced attention on things unwanted
The inner-movie enacted by outer events

Cured of misconception
Forgiveness the lifeline of a fool
Who projected his self-affliction
No longer powerless to overrule

3 Replies to “Born Separate”

  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


    1. Maybe you can help me here with regards to the newsletter… where did you find the newsletter tab? Because I am not aware that I have one and would want to look into it seeing that you are the second person who has referred to my newsletter.

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