I asked myself, “Is objectivity possible?”.

What came to mind first was that Love is objective. Love = non-judgemental = non- critical/-fault finding.

Example: Is the current leader right/the best?
Answer: Yes, because it is a reflection of mass-consciousness and therefore optimal.
It was chosen, first in thought and feeling, and then mirrored in physical life.

Whether we want to keep the leader is up to us, but right now he/she is leading. We can always choose differently.

There are only one of two ways to view life:
1) accepting that life works out for everyone and that they always choose and are never victims of external circumstances (we can only be victims of our own thinking), or
2) life is broken and randomly uplifts some while choosing others as victims.

Choosing option (1) would mean acknowledging that the drug-addict, the philanthropist and the athlete are all equal in their contribution to life – some show us what we want, others remind us of what we do not want. I understand this to be objectivity, namely that everything works out for everyone according to their own desires and that eventually only Love/God is and will remain.

Option (2) above always notes that “things should have been different”. I should’ve acted differently, the weather should’ve been different, they should’ve dealt with it differently etc. Option (2) would also say that the philanthropist is making a greater contribution to society than the drug-addict by neglecting the fact the the whole cannot be separated. I deem this subjective due to the personal interest in wanting to change current, right-now-happenings, to meet some form of personal/societal/scientific/optimal standard. This view fails to acknowledge the power of the individual to choose their life experiences, and to grow through whatever they consciously/unconsciously chose and have experienced, by choosing differently in the future.

In creating the new we have to focus on the optimal vision in our thoughts and feelings while accepting the old; that which has manifested physically. We cannot move to the new while resisting the old.

To expand on the previous example; how can we judge what another person has to go through before gaining a new perspective? Option (2) would argue that their behavior is obviously destructive and should be enough evidence for them to change. While option (1) accepts the individual journey, knowing that no matter how much help is offered that it is still up to them to choose and experience and grow. We cannot claim to know all their inner workings and ultimately what is best for them.

Equally important, when judging another (failing to see them as perfect in their True Nature, one with God and all spiritual/non-physical creation) we rob ourselves as well as all Life of salvation/happiness. What you extend to others in thought, feeling and action you receive, what you seek you find mirrored in life. Therefore; by perceiving someone else as imperfect you are merely seeing your own imperfect thoughts projected onto another. Remove this log in your eye and you will see the goodness of life reflected in all.

There is no higher goal in life than to accept all as one with God/Good, forever undisturbed in their True Nature, and choosing joy and peace in all tasks as to reflect the light of Heaven on Earth.

Love and/or suffering is the only path, and inevitably the illusion of suffering leads back to love.

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