Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and feel the feelings of another”.

When listening to someone’s sad story you start feeling “down” as well. The law of attraction responds to this as if you’re asking “give me some more things to feel down about”.

My question then: what is the use of empathy. Feeling down while empathizing will help neither the complainer nor the listener.

But what if we detached emotionally and listened, like a meditative state. Now we still understand the suffering they are trying to convey yet we haven’t been brought down with them.

Further, by feeling their “down feelings” we are agreeing with them in their argument for their suffering. But only God/Good is real and suffering is caused by thoughts of fear/separation. Forgiveness then would be to listen, recognise (which is empathy) that what the person is experiencing doesn’t reflect God/Good/Reality/Love, and then not hold them to their idea of suffering by reinforcing it: By feeling down with them, by agreeing with them, by asking them to think and share more thoughts about their condition, whether it be emotional/mental or physical.

The point being that the only way to help is to reinforce thoughts of truth. Briefly defining the problem/suffering only helps in emphasizing the healing that we want to focus on. Answers cannot be gained nor can healing occur while an image of suffering is held in the mind.

Recognising that thoughts and feelings signals the manifestation of physical reality by attracting like-to-like: As an example, imagine a psychologist or surgeon had to feel all their patients’ “negative” feelings…what would they be signaling for their own lives.

All-in-all what I am trying to get at is that empathy is an means to an end and not and end-in-itself. It enables us to identify another’s cry for love (suffering), but the solution remains in bringing them to Love and not by getting stuck at empathizing.

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