Exercising safely

Some people exercise their whole life without any major problems while others lack that sustainability. What’s the difference?

Natural Science will look for the cause in the physical, for example they might link running injuries to running technique or cheap shoes.

But according to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) the difference between these two groups of people can not be found in the physical, but in the spiritual/mental. The book teaches that all physical life in meaningless and that all perceived meaning is given by each individual’s thoughts. There are only two emotions: love and fear. And these are the two things we “code” life with; or use to give meaning to life.

Combine this with Mary Baker Eddy’s statement that, “Life and intelligence is purely spiritual – neither in nor of matter”. What we are left with is that no injury can come from the outside world but must start with fear in the mind.

ACIM further explains that we hide our fears behind the forms of this world and then imagine that those things are the cause of our suffering instead of examining our own mind. Basically, we fail to see that we are the victim of our own thoughts. God is the Cause of all things and God is only Good – so nothing but Good can be real except by our own choosing/thoughts.

Recently I watched a video about Christopher McDougall who wrote “Born to Run”. He was talking about running shoes and how ancient cultures might have had to run very long distances to survive without any problems. The point he is making is that running is natural and that people should use barefoot-type shoes instead of overly-padded shoes. Apparently many have been relieved of their injuries by making this switch to minimal running. Let’s consider what he said.

Starting with ACIM we know there is no use in analysing the shoes itself or the history of running but rather we’re going the contemplate what the different shoes might symbolise – reducing things to thoughts.

It might be that to many people an overly-padded shoe symbolises the fear of injury and the belief that running is strenuous instead of natural and hence the need for support and cushioning. And the changing to a more “natural-barefoot-type” shoe may symbolise the release of fear. Once again this is not about the shoe or bio-mechanics, but the spiritual/mental ideas behind them.

So I am sure there are people who run in cushioned shoes all their life without any problem because (here’s the key): they haven’t used their mind to build fear around the subject of running – much like the so said ancient-peoples or children!

Apply the above type of thinking to any activity and free yourself from the fears you have thought-up around the things you love to do. This is the best guarantee for safety.

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