The spirituality of working out

Here are a few things I have learned from exercising.

Enjoy the ride and don’t become fixated on your progress; it’s about enjoying every moment. The results will come and the best thing to do is to enjoy doing it. Overthinking every move will deplete your joy-meter and can lead to a lack of consistency which will influence results.

After too strictly adhering to some of the training “rules” you learn to loosen up while sticking to a few fundamentals, which are individually established. And this in turn reminded me of the subjective nature of life. Different programs showed me that people hold different beliefs and that it is okay, I let them be and trust that they know best for them while I do me.

Routines teaches discipline but you also learn to transcend what others say and follow your gut. As I continue my journey I find myself leaving the mental space where everything is analysed and I start feeling my workout more. Your program might say run for X-amount of time today, but you can definitely feel that you can do more, or maybe less. Follow the program or your intuition/gut?

Another example would be eating habits. There are so much information and contradicting opinions regarding this subject. I’ve learned to take what works for me and leave the rest. The essence of life is not in nutrition – we are sustained by Divine Love. No need to get hung up over the form your food comes in. Relax and savor the taste.

Many of these “lessons” can be applied to everyday life, but probably one of the most obvious in today’s society is “trying too hard”. By exercising I realised that there is a point at which I am trying too hard. I’ve made my best gains while I wasn’t worried about what I am eating or how I am training. Not being “worried” doesn’t mean that I didn’t have my preferences as to what to eat and how I want to do things. But I didn’t allow myself to get in my own way.

Instead I acted with ease and without feeling that my whole routine is going to crash if I couldn’t do the amount of reps, or eat the specific nutrients, or sleep the exact amount of hours.

All in all, exercise made me shift my focus away from my body and to the happiness the journey brings.

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