The only time we do not accept people’s choices is when we believe that we know better. But how could we claim to know the inner depth and experiences of another, what they think and feel. Each person knows best what is best for them at any given moment, although it might not seem so from the sideline.

The contrast of life, the seeming “good” and “bad”, is something we all define for ourselves. Divine Love is unconditional, so no decision is criticised as “right” or “wrong”. Maybe you’re observing someone making “bad” decisions in life. Have you considered that the seeming “bad” decision might be the contrast they want to experience to gain a new level of understanding?

Spirituality teaches to stick with the pole of Love, because it is the One true reality. Yet the foundation of this physical world is based on the “illusion” of the opposing pole called Fear, and every derivative emotion in between. We use “illusion” because Fear (sickness, disease and death) doesn’t hold the qualities of Divine Love (Love, Truth and Life) yet it can be experienced as far as we make it real through our beliefs (the thoughts we continue think).

So by going through life we notice things we like as well as what we dislike and from that we carve our desires; we define what makes us happy. This gives us a sense of purpose, of moving towards something. The lesson is not to emphasise the things we do not like, the things that doesn’t feel good when we think about and observe them, but instead use them to more clearly focus on and define what makes us happy.

This way life will not bring us down, seeming to rob us of our happy mood, but it will serve our highest good by providing in every moment the opportunity to redefine our personal happiness, which is also the happiness of all.

Accept the intrinsic perfection of Life, and that the law of “like attracts like” serves all according to their desires.

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