Happiness made simple.

Read, apply, experience 😀

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Plain Thought teaches pure, unassailable happiness through spirituality made simple.

Read, apply, experience 😀


Coming in, Going out

Coming in Becoming generally focused Observing environment, thoughts and emotions instead of reacting. “Meditation” Focusing eyes on one place, while relaxing the muscles around the eyes, focusing on a sound in the environment, or on the movement of your breathing without controlling Stillness comes naturally Find the right balance of detachment and connectedness, the right …

Positive Focus

It’s about focus. Focusing without negative emotion, call it “resistance”. Positive focus. Like laughing is a form of positive tension through focus. Everything is mental focus, for example contracting a muscle. So there is positive and negative focus and these can be distinguished by how they feel to us, emotionally. Interesting to note that laughing, …

Born Separate

Birthed into the illusion of separation Evidently disconnected forms I hide my fear behind these images Unable to find its cause A victim of external circumstances Mentally deranged Forgotten source that brought this forth I’ll blame them instead In the dimness glimmered truth An Ego inspired matrix Where the cause of suffering seems aloof Look …

Happiness made simple.

Read, apply, experience 😀